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BYU Committee on Race, Equity & Belonging updates progress, shares timeline for formal recommendations

The BYU Committee on Race, Equity & Belonging remains committed to following President Russell M. Nelson’s charge to "root out racism" in our BYU community.

Since its last update, the committee has heard from many throughout the BYU community, sharing important thoughts and experiences. 

Today the committee has another update to share, outlining some of the work that's been done over the past two months and what's ahead. 

Here are some things that have happened since our last update:

  1. The committee has met with the Black Student Union in person, the Black Alumni Society over Zoom and other alumni and students to better understand lived experiences and hear recommendations.
  2. The committee has met with the university’s GE redesign committee to discuss integrating race, equity and belonging topics into BYU’s general education requirements.
  3. The committee has received, read and categorized 600+ form submissions from
  4. BYU Auxiliary Services has committed to providing products and services offered on campus to serve a more racially-diverse population.
  5. The committee is seeking to be a permanent university committee moving forward, not an ad hoc committee.
  6. The committee is working to synthesize and prioritize formal recommendations to be submitted to President Worthen by the end of the calendar year. These recommendations will address many of the day-to-day issues BIPOC students and alumni have shared with the committee, as well as broader institutional changes that will help address President Nelson's charge to "root out racism" and "build bridges of understanding."